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Is a puppy the right choice for you?

So you are sure you want a puppy? Realize a puppy needs a lot of attention, raising a puppy is not done in just a few days. Your puppy needs more then food& drinks, grooming, cuddles and time to play. The puppy dog needs to get house-training, lead-training, socializing and has to learn good basic manners. * Your pup needs to eat 3 or 4 times a day for the first 5-6 months. * Potty training Read More...

Die Bed Bugs Die

Getting rid of bed bugs has been a problem documented as early as medieval times in Europe or during the time of Aristotle in Greece. Often attacking when one is fast asleep, bed bugs are smart creatures that choose to move when the target least knows it. Every person will have his own version of a bed bug story and most likely it will be bad. Bed bugs are scientifically known as "Cimex lectular Read More...

Pesticides To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

An integrated pest management strategy is required when exterminating or getting rid of bed bugs. Available in the market are several pesticides to control bed bugs. The list of pesticides for the purpose can be a long one, and you may easily access them or buy them in the market. But professional help from pest control operators are necessary because small failures and mistakes in applying pestic Read More...

Characteristics of Different Dog Breeds

Great that you have decided to buy a dog as your pet. Now let us get to know what are the kind of breeds available and what is the kind of personalities and characteristics they posses. This will help you make a wise decision to choose the breed of dog which is suitable for your home and lifestyle. Brussels Griffon These little dogs are adorable and they can be found in two varieties, rough and Read More...

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