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Cheap Primp Clothing

Buying your dog holiday dog clothing is a fun way for you to celebrate Christmas. You will not only provide a good gift that your pet can enjoy during Christmas time, but you also have given him or her the perfect protection against the cold weather that is often experienced during this time of the year. So now that you know the importance of this holiday pet clothing, buying it should be a prior Read More...

King Charles clothes

My doggies need to wear coats as they are hairless.  Yes they are chinese crested hairless. Have four of them and adore them but it does mean that in the winter they  have to wear clothes to protect them from the rain, snow and cold.  And in the summer time from the heat and the sun. I looked online for some coats and clothes for them that are comfortable and warm for them, also practical, also ni Read More...

Yorkshire Terrier Stuffed Animal

Yorkshire Terriers originated in the mid-19th century around the industrial heartlands of northern England. They were bred by working men, for whom a large dog would have been difficult to keep, but who wanted a lively companion. Their probable forebears are the old Black-and-Tan Terriers, the Maltese, and the now extinct Clysedale Terrier. From each litter the smallest dogs were selected for bre Read More...

Train Boxer Puppy For Your Own Benefit

Boxers are remarkably energetic, playful and a very demanding dog. However they are extremely faithful and once you have developed the friendship with your boxer, it lasts forever. They are unique in nature with high level of intelligence. It is hard to handle them as they seek lot of attention from their masters. Most of the common people who are not quite familiar with boxers assume them as an a Read More...

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